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Affirmative Action is Not the Answer


Affirmative Action is Not the Answer

On Tuesday, April 22nd, 2014, the Supreme Court upheld the right for Michigan to abstain from taking racial preference into consideration when admitting students to public universities. Every year, around the time when students find out whether they did or didn’t get into the colleges they applied to, this comes up. Primarily, it is black students who believe that they deserve lower standards to get into schools because their race puts them at a disadvantage and that it is the school’s duty as a public institution to promote diversity on campus. Opponents of affirmative action believe that admission should be a blind process and any privileges that would potentially account for a more likely admission should be ignored by the institution. I have lived in Michigan for most of my life and I think that it is important to also note that the only time affirmative action debates arise is when students don’t get into the University of Michigan, the most prestigious university in the state and home to some of the best programs in the country. There is something wrong with the conversation we are having.

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Reblogging this because I think Mr Knoblock’s argument is worth reading.

My views on this issue are a little different. I missed out on college because we couldn’t afford it and I sure as hell wasn’t going to apply for loans that I wasn’t sure I’d be able to pay back. But that was MY issue. It had nothing to do with whether or not a black student was admitted in my place.

Before we dismantle Affirmative Action, we need to address the disparities in our grade school educational system, which Knoblock briefly touches on.  Why, for instance, are schools in predominantly black neighborhoods so underfunded? - I live in Philadelphia. Our schools are a mess! We can’t afford to pay our teachers but we’ve got plenty of money for administrators. :\

If our elected officials were really patriotic, they’d spend more time and energy on education. But that’s a-whole-nother issue. :\

No matter what side of this issue you stand, you really should click the link and read Walter Blake Knoblock’s opinion piece.

BREAKING NEWS: Kansas Eliminates Due Process for Teachers, Expands Privatization



The teacher-hating GOP extremists backed by ALEC/Koch Brothers are destroying education in this country. 

They are destroying the whole country, one issue at a time…

And we are stupid enough to keep voting them in office and letting them do it.

We get what we deserve.

I hate humanity. :I

Dear 16 year old self;

I realize you know everything about everything, so I’ll make this brief…

  1. Be true to yourself. You may not believe it now, but you are one hell of a kid. You’re definitely smarter than what most people give you credit for. You should be proud of that.
  2. Don’t sweat the small stuff. Most of what you’re going through right now is small stuff. Enjoy yourself. That’s what being a teenager is all about.
  3. Try not to take any undue risks. Remember how I said you’re smarter than what most people give you credit for? Well, if you pay attention to that little voice in the back of your mind, you’ll be just fine.
Oh. One last thing. When you get older, there’s gonna be this thing called the internet. It’s gonna be huge! It’ll be a great outlet for creativity. But please, please, please, please, PLEASE try to come up with a user I.D. that’s easier to understand than ADignorantium! I mean, seriously… What the hell were you thinking? :P

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Eight States Have Laws Banning Promotion of LGBTQ Topics, Similar to Russia’s Ban on Gay Propaganda

GLSEN published three interactive maps showing discrimination laws in the United States, which the Washington Post compares to Russia’s anti homosexual propaganda policies in some regard.

Eight states limit speech about homosexuality in ways similar to, though not as far-reaching as, the Russian ban that has received international criticism ahead of the Winter Olympics in Sochi.

The Trevor Project explains that these laws “ban educators from talking about LGBTQ people, issues or history” and points out that they may prevent LGBTQ people from being in a safe environment.

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