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Watch: Honey Maid responds to the homophobic haters

When Honey Maid released its “This is Wholesome” graham crackers commercial last month, advocacy groups that didn’t like the depicted same-sex and biracial families penned their grievances to the food company.

The American Decency Association called the commercial the work of Satan, decrying its “evil agenda.” One Million Moms said Nabisco should be “ashamed” of itself for its “attempt to normalize sin,” “promote homosexuality” and “push the LGBT agenda,” calling on others to boycott Nabisco products and write to its executives. 

So Honey Maid decided to make a video specifically for disgruntled groups such as these, putting to all those vitriolic letters to good use.

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Going out to buy a case of Honey Maid. :D

The Wire: "What Homophobia Costs a Country's Economy"


You know how we always say that anti-gay laws can have a detrimental effect or a state or country’s economy? A panel that spoke at the World Bank this week confirmed that these effects are more prominent than ever, citing examples from Uganda, Ethiopia and India.

While discrimination takes its toll on the individual, in the form of personal attacks or loss of wages, Dr. M. V. Lee Badgett says that the combined effects of homophobia will manifest into the broader economic climate. “Individual effects [of homophobia] will translate into important economic outputs,” Badgett said, causing lower rates of education, poor health, and poverty, which in turn leads to a lower labor force and high health care costs. …

Jim Yong Kim, president of the World Bank Group, recently argued in The Washington Post, “Institutionalized discrimination is bad for people and for societies. Widespread discrimination is also bad for economies. There is clear evidence that when societies enact laws that prevent productive people from fully participating in the workforce, economies suffer.”

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One awesome thing about Eeyore is that even though he is basically clinically depressed, he still gets invited to participate in adventures and shenanigans with all of his friends. And they never expect him to pretend to feel happy, they just love him anyway, and they never leave him behind or ask him to change.

Dear 16 year old self;

I realize you know everything about everything, so I’ll make this brief…

  1. Be true to yourself. You may not believe it now, but you are one hell of a kid. You’re definitely smarter than what most people give you credit for. You should be proud of that.
  2. Don’t sweat the small stuff. Most of what you’re going through right now is small stuff. Enjoy yourself. That’s what being a teenager is all about.
  3. Try not to take any undue risks. Remember how I said you’re smarter than what most people give you credit for? Well, if you pay attention to that little voice in the back of your mind, you’ll be just fine.
Oh. One last thing. When you get older, there’s gonna be this thing called the internet. It’s gonna be huge! It’ll be a great outlet for creativity. But please, please, please, please, PLEASE try to come up with a user I.D. that’s easier to understand than ADignorantium! I mean, seriously… What the hell were you thinking? :P

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We don’t live in a society that expects you to keep what you do in the bedroom private, we live in a society that expects you to keep what you do in the bedroom private if you’re not straight.

Vanessa Cantrell, comment in a discussion about Coming Out as Bisexual on the BiNet USA Facebook Chat Group (via bialogue-group)

You all know it’s true.