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The Peddlers - Gassin’

From the album “Live’ At The Pickwick”

This makes me vary happy!

Lemon Jelly - A Tune For Jack

This happy little ditty just popped up on my @Pandora_Radio
It’s too cute for words. A perfect cure for the Monday Blahs :o)

Benji Boko “The Jungle VIP”

Some more Friday night fun. B-)

See if you can hear 'I wanna be like you' sampled from Disney’s animated classic, "The Jungle Book"

Fort Knox Five - “The Brazilian Hipster”

Something to get you moving on this fine Friday evening. B-)

I dare you to not bop your head. 


KING MISSILE ~ “Detachable Penis”

This is the censored version. But still #NSFW.

I haven’t heard this in years! Hahahaa! Happy Friday everybody! :)


DEAD OR ALIVE “I’ll Save You All My Kisses”

How the hell have I never heard this before?

Yeah, I still want his hair.
The metallic codpiece? Not so much.

OMG Make It Stop! [shudders} I’m trying to forget the 80s dammit! Hahahaha! :P

  • BTW- Lead singer, Pete Burns has undergone an extraordinary amount of plastic surgery to fix and remold his face after a botched nose job. (see video) Burns is a member of the club of celebs, like Joan Rivers and Michael Jackson, who seem addicted to the process. I can’t imagine the thought process that leads someone to such extremes, so I’ll refrain from judgement.  I do wish him happiness though because, for a few years in that terrible decade, Dead of Alive made us very happy.

Philly’s own Patti LaBelle - “Music Is My Way Of Life” (1979)


“My feet can dance upon a dime. I’ll give back five cent given time.”

The 70s had the greatest lyrics. :)

Friday the 13th theme “Jason Voorhees”

Today is Friday the 13th and well… I just couldn’t resist. :P

Rapping Philadelphia Mayor Michael Nutter

The year was 1989. Inexplicably, then future Philadelphia mayor Michael Nutter, councilwoman Blondell Reynolds Brown, federal judge Renee Cardwell Hughes, and pals attended Leadership Inc.’s 30 anniversary. Their presentation? To rap about what leadership has done to fix up Philly. Clearly, politics back then was a whole lot more exciting.

Story via Josh Fjelstad of BuzzFeed

Video posted to YouTube by Charles Seymour Jr

#MashUp “Happy” - Pharrell Williams & “50 Ways to Leave Your Lover” - Paul Simon Mashup  (Cover by [the incredibly talented] Jane Lui)

I love this!Why Jane Lui isn’t more famous and making billions of dollars, I have no idea.

The last Jane Lui video I posted was her cover of Rainbow Connection, which was filmed in the middle of a street in Hawaii. You really need to go check it out on Youtube when your done enjoying this video.

This recording has super channel separation! You’ll want to listen to it with your headphones or on your sound system with the volume way up! ;P

The Lushlife Project - Popular Secret

…or as I like to call it, “The Beep Beep Beep song.”

It’s been a while since I shared ‘what I’m listening to now’, so…

This tune pops up regularly on my Pandora Stephane Pompougnac station. It’s a laid back groove that might be familiar to anyone who has been to a morning party — you know, those spontaneous get-togethers at a stranger’s pad that happen after the bars close. I made a lot of close friendships at morning parties.

Anyway, for the first 25 seconds or so you hear lyrics that sound like “beepbeepbeepbeepbeepbeep…”  then, starting just before the 3 minute mark (2:57) you hear it again. What she’s actually singing is, “get get get get get get from this misery” It’s a far cry from beepbeepbeep, but when you’re listening to music at 4AM I don’t think lyrics matter. ;)