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Seducing The Muse. …more like a desperate plea.

Seducing The Muse. …more like a desperate plea. :

Did you miss me? Well I missed you too!

Sorry for my absence. I promise I have a good excuse though. Well, it’s mostly a good excuse. I’ve been fighting the forces of evil with a couple of groovy friends, a stoner, and a talking dog. What? What do you mean you don’t believe me? Yeah, well it sounded good in my head.

The truth is rather boring. I’ve been having technical difficulties.

The good news is that, after scrimping and saving, and doing more research than an undergrad studying for his finals, I bought a new laptop. Yay!

The bad news is that, a few hours after finishing the final draft of “What’s Going On“, my wandering rant about race in America, my two month old laptop got the dreaded ‘blue screen’.– NOOO! Not my baby! — Needless to say I was heartbroken. Fortunately, the remedy was relatively painless. Customer service could not have handled the situation better. The woman on the phone was able to remotely diagnose the trouble. I sent the laptop to the Texas care center on the Friday before Labor Day and received it back ten days later.

Yeah. I was surprised too.

The whole reason for the laptop was to encourage me to write more. I’m one of those people that have ideas flying through my head all day long but the moment I sit down in front of the computer… nothing. Then there’s the issue of my grammar, which needs improvement. I live in constant fear of the run-on sentence so I tend to drop commas every few words in the hope that a few land in their proper place.– Even a broken clock is correct twice a day. — The point is that I wanted to start putting thoughts to paper (screen?) and thought a laptop might make it a little easier.

In high school I loved creative writing. Of course, in high school, I had English teachers who gave us direction and deadlines and… Dickens! — Sorry. Then in tech school I got to let my imagination run free. Tech school was essentially an introduction to communications. We covered the basics of radio and television. The idea was to give you enough knowledge that upon graduation you could easily find an interning position or continue your education. My dream was editing for television so that’s where I focused my energy. My specialty was short subjects. I wrote a lot of commercials. My magnum opus was a hidden camera short where I pranked our instructor. The poor guy was the target of much of our humor. He was a good sport though. He never asked us to compromise our creativity, no matter how ill conceived our ideas. Our world would be a much better place if we had more teachers like Ed Gannon.

There’s truth to the old adage, “If you don’t use it you’ll lose it”.

It’s been a long while since I’ve had to engage my imagination on a regular basis. I’ve been so preoccupied with writing big and brilliant that I forgot a few basic rules. Write, write what you know, write some more and, for God’s sake, Keep It Simple Stupid! — KISS for short.

So, for me, the trick is to try to get in the habit of writing again. That’s what this meandering mess is: an exercise to get the juices flowing, an attempt to seduce my elusive muse, to just write whatever pops into my head at this particular moment. — Even if it means boring you all to death. ;)

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Has Apple Really Ever Invented Anything?

This is an interesting video by  Tek Syndicate in which they dispel misconceptions of Apple as the inventors of our everyday technology.

Don’t misinterpret this as being anti-Apple. They’ve got some pretty slick products. But they need to stop bullying other companies over imagined patent infringement. The latest of which involves any laptop built with a wedge design. Ridiculous!

I’m posting this to educate all the Apple users out there who feel the desperate need to judge, mock, or otherwise bully users of other technology.

  • By the way, I almost bought a Macbook last month. I have been in the market for a laptop for almost a year. After much thought and research, I just couldn’t justify spending almost two thousand dollars for a piece of technology that would basically chain me to Apple.
  • Furthermore, Have you any idea how much waste is involved in the production of the aluminum uni-body of the new Macbook Air? Pretty or not, even if they recycle the excess aluminum, it’s a wast of energy to produce. I’m trying to be environmentally conscious so, no.

Again, I’m not bashing Apple. Some people want/need different things.

New Laptop: What to Do When You Get a New Notebook/Laptop/PC


So, I got a new Windows 8 laptop and was trolling through YouTube for tips and tricks when I found this video.

The guy from Tek Syndicate  is friggin hysterical!! – and I mean that in a friendly way.– He holds your attention as he demonstrates how to clean all the bloatware from your computer.. Even if you’re not a techie you’ll find this humorous as well as educational.

BTW- He’s right about Norton anti-virus. Garbage.

  • Here’s something that EVERY computer user should be doing, create and use a separate local user account! Create a local user account that has limited permissions. Use that user account for your everyday activity. You can always log onto your administrator account to install software, tweak you’re settings, etc., otherwise leave it alone.  That way, nothing will be installed on your computer  should you ‘accidentally’ click a link with malicious software, spyware, etc. If you’re using a secondary user account with limited permissions, your computer will ask for an administrator password before installing anything.
  • To find out how to set up separate local user accounts, click here.

FYI- This post is for education and entertainment purposes only. If you are unfamiliar with the inner workings of your computer, you should leave it to a knowledgeable professional. Neither I nor Tek Syndicate can be held accountable for your computer.  In other words, you’re on your own.

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Digital Security Life Hacks to Protect Your Information

Also, use two different sign in accounts on your computer. 

  1. A password protected administrator account that you use only for updates and installations. Use this account only for important operating system adjustments, like removing or installing a web browser update.
  2. A user account that is also password protected, but does not have administrator privileges. Use this account for everyday web browsing, facebook, shopping, etc. That way, if a malicious website tries to install malware, spyware, or (gasp) a virus, your computer will ask permission to install the software. Seriously. Since this account doesn’t have administrator privileges, a pop-up window will appear asking for the administrator’s password.

Now you know. :)

TheyMightBeClippy: Electrical Etiquette?


Riddle me this….

Now that so many people have smart phones, I notice clusters of people hanging out around electrical outlets.  At the airport there are some “charging stations”, and people also plug into the electrical outlets (that are probably there so they can vacuum the floor).  In the library, some people plug phones into the computers via USB.  I’ve seen people plug in in bars as well.

  • Where is it OK to plug in?
  • Where is it Possibly OK?
  • Verboten?

If it’s a ‘Charging Station, that’s an invitation to plug in, right? But what about other places?  Can you just suck someone’s electricity In The Name of CONNECTIVITY?  Is it ‘wrong’ to stick your prongs into someone else’s receptacle without express permission?

(And when did the ‘shift key on the left side of my keyboard die?)

IMHO… Unless it’s a clearly marked “Charging Station”, or at a hotel, an airport or other transportation hub (a bus or train station) you should ask permission before plugging in.

If I’m at a bar or restaurant, I always ask first.

I’m also kinda obsessive about making sure I’m charged up before I go anywhere. But that’s just me.

Weird Science - Can Magnets Harm Computers?

National Geographic

Johnny Phillips investigates the myth that — if powerful enough — a magnet can race a laptop’s hard drive.