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Adult Swim: “Film Piracy Feeds Babies”

"A recent report claims film piracy costs the economy $20 billion annually. We say this is super misleading. Film piracy may cost the ‘film industry’ 20 billion but that money still goes into the economy. People will buy shoes or comic books or cataract surgery or even baby formula instead of spending that money on movie tickets. We say film piracy feeds babies."

Adult Swim: “Film Piracy Feeds Babies”

"A recent report claims film piracy costs the economy $20 billion annually. We say this is super misleading. Film piracy may cost the ‘film industry’ 20 billion but that money still goes into the economy. People will buy shoes or comic books or cataract surgery or even baby formula instead of spending that money on movie tickets. We say film piracy feeds babies."


The premise of minimum wage, when it was introduced, was that a single wage earner should be able to own a home and support a family.  That was what it was based on; a full time job, any job, should be able to accomplish this.

The fact people scoff at this idea if presented nowadays, as though the people that ring up your groceries or hand you your burgers don’t deserve the luxury of a home and a family, is disgusting.

The Wire: "What Homophobia Costs a Country's Economy"


You know how we always say that anti-gay laws can have a detrimental effect or a state or country’s economy? A panel that spoke at the World Bank this week confirmed that these effects are more prominent than ever, citing examples from Uganda, Ethiopia and India.

While discrimination takes its toll on the individual, in the form of personal attacks or loss of wages, Dr. M. V. Lee Badgett says that the combined effects of homophobia will manifest into the broader economic climate. “Individual effects [of homophobia] will translate into important economic outputs,” Badgett said, causing lower rates of education, poor health, and poverty, which in turn leads to a lower labor force and high health care costs. …

Jim Yong Kim, president of the World Bank Group, recently argued in The Washington Post, “Institutionalized discrimination is bad for people and for societies. Widespread discrimination is also bad for economies. There is clear evidence that when societies enact laws that prevent productive people from fully participating in the workforce, economies suffer.”

Read this right now. 

Explosion At Fukushima Reactor! 12/28/13 Radioactive Steam Billowing Out Into The Atmosphere! – 30 December 2013

Uploaded on 29 December 2013 by ShantiUniverse

TEPCO just released on December 28th 2013 that an explosion at the Fukushima Reactor #3 building has taken place and 89 TONS of radioactive material may be releasing into our atmosphere being carried by steam!

Article links: http://www.turnerradionetwork.com/new…

BPEarthwatch BlogTalkRadio: http://www.blogtalkradio.com/bpearthw…

LIVE Show Monday December 30,2013 @ 2:30pm CT

A Can’t miss Event with BPEarthwatch talking about this disaster and how to prepare if needed!


I’m posting this for a number of reasons, the first being that we would be foolish to think Fukushima an isolated event that is over and done with. The reactors continually emit radioactive material into the environment. The effects will be felt for decades, if not centuries, to come. This should concern us all, not just those living on the West Coast of the United States. Radiation is getting into our food supply. King crabs and salmon from Alaska and produce and wine from California and Washington are just a few affected foodstuffs.

It’s not just Fukushima. The effects of the BP oil spill are still unknown. Fracking is leaking harmful chemicals and gasses, including methane, into our drinking water 

But no one is paying attention.

I could point fingers at the tea party GOP for their animus towards the EPA, FDA, and other consumer health and safety organizations, but that wouldn’t solve anything.

All we need are people who care enough to make some noise.

If we don’t stand up for our environment, then unemployment, civil rights, marriage equality, and the economy mean nothing. Without safe drinking water and food, we won’t last long enough to worry about voter suppression.

Cause and effect. Everything goes somewhere.

Asshole Of The Day: Is Chris Christie Asshole of the Day (again)?


Is Chris Christie asshole of the day for yelling at that teacher?

Tomlinson, who had been carrying a sign and handing out fliers from her Badass Teachers Association, asked Christie why he’d called New Jersey schools “failure factories.” Christie rounded on her, blurting out that he was sick of “you people.”

"This story—oh really? They have more money now than they’ve ever had before. This is an old story from you folks, and they fail because you guys are failing in those schools. Have you ever sent your child to one of those schools?

"You portray us as the bad guys," said Tomlinson.

"Guess what, this is the most money the school has ever spent on education in the history of this state," said Christie.

"It is not," said Tomlinson.

"$9 billion in education!" yelled an onlooker.

"Yeah, and it’s down 0.1 percent," said Tomlinson.

"And it’s never enough for you," said Christie.

"All I want is money for my students and my school," said Tomlinson.

"Do your job," said Christie, turning away and heading into the bus.



Most people commenting on the photo have gotten the details right, but I’ve noticed some (occasionally rude) remarks about the expression on Christie’s wife’s face. Mary Pat Christie smiled through the entire talk-off. Why? Because a local NBC News camera was facing her, capturing the scene. Two days later, I don’t see any trace of the video online.

Education should be America’s NUMBER ONE PRIORITY!

A strong America depends on the health and education of it’s citizens.

America cannot compete in a global economy if our citizenry is not educated.

WTF! No… seriously, W - T - F?

When I created ADignorantium I set a few guidelines for myself. Two of the most important are, I don’t bully and I don’t use language that I’d be embarrassed to let a grandmother read. Don’t get me wrong. I do plenty of cussing at home. Some of my favorite words have only four letters. Lately though, it’s been difficult to maintain the latter. The political climate has devolved into a childish temper tantrum, and I am pissed!

I am so friggin pissed I could spit nails!

I never truly understood that expression until those unbelievably shortsighted tea party republicans decided to put the screws to the United States. I can’t even put thoughts into words, I’m so angry. This is not how America works! We don’t allow a few extremists to shut down the entire government  Do we?

Instead of passing a clean appropriations bill, house republicans attached an ACA rider that doomed it to fail. The unrelated provisions guaranteed the bill would not pass the senate. All they had to do was pass a continuing resolution (CR) that was clean of extraneous nonsense, but they are blinded by their hatred of anything Obama.

Truth be told, I’m not exactly thrilled with every bit of the Affordable Care Act (ACA), but it’s a good start. It’s a step in the right direction. When you’re not happy with something, you don’t fix it by killing it. And before you throw “corporate exemptions” at me, those exemptions were concessions to republicans. If you want to get rid of the exemptions, you write a bill, separate from the appropriations bill, and send it to the senate. But that’s not what they want. They want to undo the healthcare law. After trying and failing to repeal the ACA forty two times, they try this stunt!?

Now the government is shut down. National parks, museums, and landmarks are closed to the public. Millions are now without work.

Don’t they understand that a government shutdown affects more than government employees?

Don’t they know that everyday Americans like hotel staff, bartenders, waiters, and store clerks depend on tourism to make a living?

Do they even care that their stubbornness will have a negative effect on the economy?

There is no doubt in my mind that this bullisht is racially motivated. I wasn’t sure at first. I just chalked it up to politics as usual. But after six years of stubborn resistance, there can be no other explanation.

So now I owe some very good friends an apology for all those late night conversations about “race in America” in which I was so certain that things had improved since my father’s generation. Apparently, I was wrong. I was wrong and it sickens me. I am so f*king ashamed of my own country. MY OWN COUNTRY!

I’d like to think we’ll remember. I want to believe we will carry this rage with us to the voting booth. I know I will. But America has a short attention span. We are more worried about Miley, Kim, and Kanye than we are about what our local politicians are up to. More Americans know the names of the Real Housewives than who their representatives are.

So why am I surprised when this isht happens?

~end rant~

Thanks to all for bearing with me. We now return to our regularly scheduled blog.

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Angry, Disgusted, Frustrated

By Sen. Bernie Sanders, Reader Supported News

middle-class American family made less last year than in 1989, according to a new Census Bureau report released on Tuesday. Meanwhile, Forbes magazine this week reported that the 400 wealthiest Americans doubled what they were worth a decade ago and “finally gained back all that they lost” in the 2008 economic collapse. “You want to know why the American people are angry and disgusted and frustrated?” Sen. Bernie Sanders asked in a Senate floor speech on Wednesday. “That’s why,” he thundered.

The Census Bureau also reported that:

  • The typical middle class family has seen its income go down by more than $5,000 since 1999 after adjusting for inflation.
  • Average male workers made $283 less last year than they did 44 years ago.
  • Average female workers earned $1,775 less last year than they did in 2007.
  • A record breaking 46.5 million Americans lived in poverty last year.
  • 16 million children in America (21.8% of all kids in America) lived in poverty last year.
  • A higher percentage of American kids lived in poverty last year than in 1965.
  • A higher percentage of African Americans lived in poverty last year than 15 years ago.
  • 9.1% of seniors lived in poverty last year, higher than in 2009. More American seniors were living in poverty last year than in 1972.
  • 48 million Americans are uninsured, 3 million more than in 2008.

via http://readersupportednews.org/opinion2/279-82/19508-focus-angry-disgusted-frustrated

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