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Internet sensation ‘Apparently Kid' gets his own commercial

Apparently America can’t get enough of the charismatic 5-year-old Noah Ritter, who shot to viral superstardom as the “Apparently Kid” after a hilarious interview with ABC affiliate WNEP about a fair ride.

Over the weekend, Noah debuted in his first commercial, a spot for Freshpet pet food. In between screaming endorsements and working in 10 ‘apparentlys’, the commercial’s directors let Noah be, well, Noah. Watch the full spot below, and be sure to watch until the end to hear his priceless answer to the question, “What’s your favorite dinosaur?”

Freshpet wrote about Noah on its blog, and apparently if Noah changes his mind about being a paleontologist, acting is a pretty viable career choice. Freshpet said, “Whether he was laughing with the crew, eating his favorite chicken nuggets with Grandpa, or just sharing tips about his favorite games with us, his exuberant energy and unique intelligence shined through just as much as his love of the four pups on set.”

On top of that, Noah—who has two dogs, Simba and George—seemed to enjoy his day of playing with dogs and counting how many times he said his signature word. Watch the behind-the-scenes video for more of his adorable antics.

Check out the Behind The Scenes video



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good job baby

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