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Melissa Harris-Perry Delivers Powerful Tribute to Unarmed Black Men Killed By Police

  • Note: Melissa mentions Supreme Court Justice Roger B. Taney, the man for whom Philadelphia’s Little League phenoms the Taney Dragons are named. Justice Taney is most famous for the Dred Scott v. Sandford decision, which is considered to have indirectly been a cause of the Civil War. He said in part, …when the Constitution of the United States was framed and adopted… They (African descendants) had for more than a century before been regarded as beings of an inferior order, and altogether unfit to associate with the white race, either in social or political relations, and so far unfit that they (black men) had no rights which the white man was bound to respect.”

I bring up the Taney Dragons for two reasons…

  1. Mo’Ne Davis, a young black girl on a team largely populated by black children, is a superior athlete who deserves commands respect.
  2. Maybe it’s time for the Taney Dragons to change their name.

Georgia sex offenders, murderers get gun rights back

(Atlanta Journal-Constitution) William Alvin Bishop paid for his crime – aggravated child molestation – with nine years in prison. But when he got out, he still wasn’t free.

Because he is on Georgia’s sex offender registry, Bishop must notify his local sheriff of any change of address, which then is posted online with his photograph. He cannot live or work within 1,000 feet of a school, a church, a day-care center – any place where, in the expansive language of the state’s sex offender law, “minors congregate.”

He may, however, own a gun.

He may, however, own a gun. 

"…despite the serious nature of his crime and his documented threat of additional violence. He is among a growing number of violent offenders who have received pardons that restore gun rights in recent years – and one of the seven from the sex offender registry.” (source)

(Source: quickhits)



Ladies and Gentleman, the man that will be in history books. He was throwing the burning tear gas. Not to the cops but away from the children protesting. In his American Shirt and bag of chips. Check his twitter.




All it takes is one event to set a precedent. If Darren Wilson is arrested for, charged with, and convicted of the murder of Michael Brown, then that means ALL cops can be held accountable for their actions. It means the people can ALWAYS rise up and fight back against police brutality. 

That’s what the cops and National Guard in Ferguson is fighting against. They don’t want this standard to be set.

Everyone should push for Darren Wilson to face trial, if for no other reason than to set precedent. Cops are supposed to uphold the law. They must be held to a higher standard than the rest of us. Period!

Justice Dept: HIV Criminal Law Should Reflect Science Facts

According to amfar.org, there are approximately 1.1 million people living with HIV in the United States. Almost one-fifth (18.1 %) of those people don’t know they are infected. With those statistics, doesn’t it make sense to protect yourself from HIV/AIDS?

NEVER assume the person you are having sex with is free of disease. (S)he may not even be aware of his/her own status.

Take responsibility for your own sexual health.

The best way to avoid STIs is through abstinence. BUT, if you’re going to have sex, use a condom EVERY TIME!

Condoms are much less expensive than thousands of dollars a year in healthcare costs.

For questions about Safer Sex, start with Planned Parenthood.


s also the Ultimate Guide to Safer Sex.

There’s also the STD Project

…or you can ask the school nurse. ;P

(Source: projectqueer)

Ten Things White People Can Do About Ferguson Besides Tweet

Written by Kate Harding
If you feel helpless, there are ways you can channel your rage and sadness in real life.

1. Join a peaceful protest.

They’re happening all around the country tonight, including at the Gateway Arch in St. Louis, around 7 p.m. Eastern. 

2. Recognize that Michael Brown’s death was not an isolated incident.

In 2012, more than 300 black people were executed by police, security guards, or vigilantes. In the last month, three other unarmed African-American men—Eric Garner in New York, John Crawford III in Beavercreek, Ohio, and Ezell Ford in Los Angeles—have been killed by police. Those are the ones we know about.

3. Stop saying “This can’t be happening in America.”

I understand the impulse, I really do. But that impulse only comes to those who are insulated and isolated from how America treats poor people and people of color every day. Langston Hughes wrote “America never was America to me” in 1935. If you didn’t quite understand that poem in your junior high or high-school lit classes, read it again, while you think about what’s happening in Ferguson. Let it sink in.

- See more at: http://damemagazine.com/2014/08/14/ten-things-white-people-can-do-about-ferguson-besides-tweet#sthash.izLANJ6q.WxhhtZAE.dpuf





A mother’s worst nightmare.

She was preaching

this gave me chills

Black woman who lost her son just preached on systemic racism, antiblackness, Black ppls internalized self-hatred and white supremacy. 

But some of y’all missed it 

…and there it is, the truth in just a few short sentences.

While Americans Work To Make Ends Meet; Here Are The Real Takers In One Image.



The GOP has ceased to be a contributing factor to the common good.