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Who Is The Real Mitt Romney?

  • "I’m Not Concerned With The Very Poor." - Mitt Romney

Before Mittens takes aim at President Obama’s statement that “the Private Sector is doing fine”, he should remember his own gaffe.

Let’s be clear on something. Compared with the Public Sector, the Private sector is doing fine. The Public Sector, which includes Cities and municipalities, are cutting their Police, Fire Fighter and Teacher jobs. The Unemployment Rate is being buoyed by Public Sector employees who are losing their jobs as part of the Republican’s Slash and Burn budget plans.

When the economy suffers, why do we always cut the three most important positions?

  • We need Law Enforcement. When the economy suffers, crime goes up. Without employment, people turn to desperate measures to feed and shelter their family. It’s cause and effect.
  • We need teachers. Education is the most important asset of the United States. Without education, we cannot move forward.
  • And do I really need to explain why we need Fire Fighters??

Why aren’t our “Elected Officials” taking a pay cut?

If our Elected Officials truly care about the budget, and “What’s Good For The Country”, why don’t they trim their own salaries?

It’s not like they’re not making extra cash on the side from lobbyists.