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Here's How You Can Help Homeless LGBTQ Youth

I’m reblogging and tagging #SpiritDay because sometimes the worst bullying an LGBT youth experiences is at home.

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Georgia sex offenders, murderers get gun rights back

(Atlanta Journal-Constitution) William Alvin Bishop paid for his crime – aggravated child molestation – with nine years in prison. But when he got out, he still wasn’t free.

Because he is on Georgia’s sex offender registry, Bishop must notify his local sheriff of any change of address, which then is posted online with his photograph. He cannot live or work within 1,000 feet of a school, a church, a day-care center – any place where, in the expansive language of the state’s sex offender law, “minors congregate.”

He may, however, own a gun.

He may, however, own a gun. 

"…despite the serious nature of his crime and his documented threat of additional violence. He is among a growing number of violent offenders who have received pardons that restore gun rights in recent years – and one of the seven from the sex offender registry.” (source)

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Dear LGBTQIA…BCDEFG Community,

Dear #LGBTQIA… BCDEFG Community; Exploring the ever expanding, all inclusive acronym that represents our community.

Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Questioning, Intersex… I’m confused. Is the A for Ally or Asexual?

Can we please do something about this ever expanding alphabet soup of an acronym that we have come to embrace? It’s getting a little confusing and frankly, a little ridiculous. Seriously, every time I turn around it seems like we’ve tacked on another letter! I understand that it’s all part of the inclusiveness that our community is supposed to be embracing — and that’s a beautiful thing — but all it really does is confuse everyone except for those whose letter is represented.

How about choosing one all-inclusive word to encompass everyone? I liked gay but it’s become synonymous with homosexual men. So, it isn’t really all-inclusive anymore.

“Sexual minority” is all encompassing, though probably a little too clinical. You could maybe shorten it to the “SM” community but apparently, there already is an SM community.

Way back in the 1990s, some of the kids reclaimed “queer” but that word still holds negative connotations to me. It’s just as bad as that six letter F word. No, we need something optimistic, something bright, something trendy and cool. Like… The Rainbow Community!” …No? You don’t like it? To be honest, neither do I. It brings to mind Rainbow Brite, My Little Pony, or worse… the Smurfs! Come to think of it, Papa Smurf does have that ‘daddy bear’ vibe. He’d probably fit right in at your friendly neighborhood leather bar.

The thing is, members of the LGBTQIA community come from all walks of life. Every ethnicity and socioeconomic background is represented within our community. We are a microcosm of the world! As such, each subgroup needs to be represented so that young LGBTQIA people don’t feel isolated within their own communities. It’s simpler than it sounds. Growing up gay, lesbian, or trans* can be a very lonely thing. Isolation leads to depression. Depression often leads to suicide. When you recognize the importance of representation, suddenly the alphabet soup doesn’t seem so bad.

So, I guess I can live with the ever expanding, all inclusive, acronym that has come to represent our equally varied and colorful community.

parada gay

They say variety is the spice of life.

It certainly makes life more interesting.

Happy Pride Month Everybody!

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Daily Kos: Supreme Court will hear Obamacare contraception challenges


This of course, opens the door for companies to claim they don’t believe in medical intervention. “Hey. We’re Christian Scientists. Why should we be forced to offer healthcare at all? Let prayer cure what ails you.”

Here’s the deal. If you don’t pay for contraceptives, you must be prepared to pay for 18+ years of childcare. I’ve said this before. Don’t give me this “Family Values” BS! You can’t have it both ways.

Fox News Spends 6 Minutes Describing Why Mr. Rogers Was An 'Evil, Evil Man'


"Curse that man for teaching kids self-confidence. Why can’t we go back to the old days where children are beaten into submission for not making enough cheese? My favorite moment comes at 3:48, when the host reads an obviously sarcastic message as a sincere indictment of Fred Rogers."


What the hell is wrong with these people??? F*K FOX!

God we fuck up teenagers’ heads. We tell them that biological conditions are moral punishments and then we get all shocked when they don’t practice rational risk management of biological conditions. We teach them “sex is super desirable and all the cool kids do it, and it’s hideously shameful and will destroy your life” and we wonder why they act an eensy bit neurotic about it. If you tried to design a system for making sexually active kids confused and unsafe, you couldn’t do much better than the American media and school system.

And for once, the answer is relatively simple. Just talk about sex like it’s a part of life. Some people have sex and some people don’t, because people are different. STIs aren’t bad because they’re Dirty Crotch Rot; they’re bad because they’re contagious illnesses like strep throat or whooping cough, and you can ask a doctor to check for and treat them just like you would with strep throat. Unwanted pregnancy isn’t a scarlet A; it’s a mostly-preventable accident that sometimes occurs when people are going about their normal business of having sex. You can ask the school counselor about a variety of topics, including career planning, problems at home, questions about sex, or conflicts with teachers.

If we could just get the goddamn stick out of our collective ass and accept that sex is a human activity and teenagers are humans, maybe there wouldn’t be quite so many plaintive “I don’t understand my body and I’m confused and scared and I don’t know anyone I can ask in person” messages flying out into the world.

The Pervocracy - “Teenage Panic.”

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It amazes me, after three decades of HIV/AIDS, we are STILL afraid to talk openly about sex. Meanwhile, the instances of new infections are growing because most people still don’t understand the proper way to protect themselves from STDs and pregnancy.


Activate the Mechanism!: Understanding ‘Hate’ In The Wake Of The Family Research Council Shooting


Wednesday’s shooting at the Family Research Council was a tragedy, and the wounded security guard and others who put themselves in harm’s way to overpower the shooter are indeed heroes. But how conservatives have responded in the shooting’s wake is incredibly disconcerting, an attempt to…

Groups like “Focus on the Family” and “Family Research Council” talk about Family Values and LGBTQ Rights as if they are mutually exclusive. Nothing could be further from the truth.

Lesbians and Gays don’t just spontaneously appear from the void. We come from Families. Very often, those families turn their backs on us because of who we are. The LGBTQ Community is one of the few places where close friends develop relationships stronger than family ties.

I’m old enough to remember the hate generated from these “Family Values” groups at the height of the AIDS crisis. I had sick friends whose Family abandoned them at their moment of need. It wasn’t their family who came to help. It was community members who stepped up to make sure their dying friend had food, clothing, transport to medical care, and myriad other necessities.

The shooting of the FRC guard was wrong. Violence is never the answer. But please, don’t preach to me about Family Values. Because the LGBTQ community is better at Family Values than most families.

Gay couple told to lie about marriage in order to get names changed


Stephen Hill and Joshua Snyder were legally married in Washington, D.C. about a year ago. But when they went to a courthouse in their home state of Ohio recently to get their last names hyphenated together, they found the process harder than expected.

Snyder and Hill were pulled aside at the courthouse and told to lie on their name change applications, because they would be denied if they listed “marriage” as the reason for their name change. They refused to lie. 

Hill served in the military for 20 years under Don’t Ask Don’t Tell - he’s the soldier Republicans booed after he asked at a debate whether candidates would reinstate the policy. He says he didn’t want to lie about who he is anymore, and as a result, it will be much more complicated for he and his husband to change their names:

A news report about the couple’s request for a name change added to the anticipation for today’s hearing. A judge heard their request today but opted not to issue a decision, instead promising to mail it to them. Changing a last name in Ohio would require a 10-page application, printing their names in the newspaper, $138 each, and then an appearance before the judge who normally renders a verdict on whether to let the name change go forward.

It’s troubling that something as simple as a name change has to be so complicated for LGBT folks. Why oh why? 

In America, it is better to be dishonest than to be Gay. - Those are mighty fine “Family Values”.

It Couldn’t Happen Here… Right?

Almost a century ago, a man in Eastern Europe gained power by feeding into the fears of the populace that was struggling financially, and needed scapegoats. Jews, Gypsies, and Homosexuals were imprisoned in concentration camps with the purpose of extermination.

That couldn’t happen again, right?

It CERTAINLY couldn’t happen HERE, Right?


source - http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=d2n7vSPwhSU

I’m confused about something…

I hear a lot of GOP members talk of Ronald Reagan as if he was the second coming of the deity. They call themselves Reagan Conservatives as if it was something of which to be proud.

But I remember Reaganomics: The idea that you give tax breaks to the very wealthy and subsidies to corporations in order that they will create employment. They called it “Trickle-Down Economics”. It sounds like a reasonable concept, until reality sets in, and you see that the only jobs created are low-wage positions with little or no benefits.

Many families, including my own, had to rely on both parents earning an income in order to survive.

Whoopi Goldberg compared Trickle Down economics to the wealthy relieving themselves on the working class. (I’m paraphrasing, of course.)

The thing that confuses me most though, is this idea that Reagan somehow fixed our economy. If Ronald Reagan did such wonderful things for our economy, why were we chanting, “It’s the economy, Stupid” by the end of George Bush Sr’s first term? Theoretically, if Ronald Reagan set the United States of America on the path to economic recovery, Bush Sr. should have enjoyed a second term in office. Bush Sr. would have been able to shrug off any question about the economy.

But he didn’t.

America was still feeling economic pains. “It’s The Economy, Stupid” was Bush Sr’s downfall. Then after William Jefferson Clinton became the 42nd President, the United States had a surplus economy, for the first time in over two decades.

So please don’t lie to me and the rest of America with fantasies of how great Ronald Reagan was for this country’s economy. It’s not the reality that I lived.