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WTF! No… seriously, W - T - F?

When I created ADignorantium I set a few guidelines for myself. Two of the most important are, I don’t bully and I don’t use language that I’d be embarrassed to let a grandmother read. Don’t get me wrong. I do plenty of cussing at home. Some of my favorite words have only four letters. Lately though, it’s been difficult to maintain the latter. The political climate has devolved into a childish temper tantrum, and I am pissed!

I am so friggin pissed I could spit nails!

I never truly understood that expression until those unbelievably shortsighted tea party republicans decided to put the screws to the United States. I can’t even put thoughts into words, I’m so angry. This is not how America works! We don’t allow a few extremists to shut down the entire government  Do we?

Instead of passing a clean appropriations bill, house republicans attached an ACA rider that doomed it to fail. The unrelated provisions guaranteed the bill would not pass the senate. All they had to do was pass a continuing resolution (CR) that was clean of extraneous nonsense, but they are blinded by their hatred of anything Obama.

Truth be told, I’m not exactly thrilled with every bit of the Affordable Care Act (ACA), but it’s a good start. It’s a step in the right direction. When you’re not happy with something, you don’t fix it by killing it. And before you throw “corporate exemptions” at me, those exemptions were concessions to republicans. If you want to get rid of the exemptions, you write a bill, separate from the appropriations bill, and send it to the senate. But that’s not what they want. They want to undo the healthcare law. After trying and failing to repeal the ACA forty two times, they try this stunt!?

Now the government is shut down. National parks, museums, and landmarks are closed to the public. Millions are now without work.

Don’t they understand that a government shutdown affects more than government employees?

Don’t they know that everyday Americans like hotel staff, bartenders, waiters, and store clerks depend on tourism to make a living?

Do they even care that their stubbornness will have a negative effect on the economy?

There is no doubt in my mind that this bullisht is racially motivated. I wasn’t sure at first. I just chalked it up to politics as usual. But after six years of stubborn resistance, there can be no other explanation.

So now I owe some very good friends an apology for all those late night conversations about “race in America” in which I was so certain that things had improved since my father’s generation. Apparently, I was wrong. I was wrong and it sickens me. I am so f*king ashamed of my own country. MY OWN COUNTRY!

I’d like to think we’ll remember. I want to believe we will carry this rage with us to the voting booth. I know I will. But America has a short attention span. We are more worried about Miley, Kim, and Kanye than we are about what our local politicians are up to. More Americans know the names of the Real Housewives than who their representatives are.

So why am I surprised when this isht happens?

~end rant~

Thanks to all for bearing with me. We now return to our regularly scheduled blog.

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Stephen Colbert blisters Republicans trying to sabotage Obamacare

by BruinKid

Last night, Stephen Colbert looked at two ways Republicans are trying to sabotage Obamacare, from trying to force a government shutdown to defund it, and then at the state level where they’re trying to prevent the Navigators from educating people who need insurance about the benefits.

From Day One I have vowed to stop Obamacare or die trying, and knowing my luck, I’d almost die and then get nursed back to life by Obamacare.  And folks, I am not alone in my crusade.  Yesterday, the Republican leadership announced their simple yet simple-minded plan to cripple all government health care.


SEAN HANNITY: The groundwork has been set for a monumental showdown on Capitol Hill, and it all comes down to a very simple formula.  Either Democrats vote to defund the train wreck that is Obamacare, or they will risk shutting down the federal government.

JOHN BOEHNER: This week the House will pass a CR that … defunds Obamacare.

REP. MICHELE BACHMANN, R-MN: Can you see the smile on my face?  I am so happy because I think we’re getting to a consensus now with the Republicans. … I think that we can take a victory lap.

Yes, a victory lap, because…

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House Republicans Vote to Cut $39 Billion From Food Stamps


The House passed a bill on Thursday that would cut as many as 3.8 million Americans from food stamps, according to the Congressional Budget Office. The cuts would come from a combination of ending state waivers for able-bodied, unemployed adults, and from tightened eligibility requirements. Currently, experts estimate that 48 million Americans will participate in the program in 2014. 

The vote was close, at 217-210, with 15 Republicans siding with every Democrat in the House against the bill. Using 2012 data from the U.S. Census Bureau, we calculated how many households in each member’s district received food stamp assistance last year comparing that to how they voted. Here’s what we found.


Households that received food stamps, by party and vote


This data appears in the graph at right. Members who voted against the measure represented about 8.4 million households that received food stamp support in 2012. Those who voted for it represented about 7.3 million such households.

Estimated reduction in households


If you evenly apply the rate at which households would be removed from the program under this bill, Republicans voted to kick over 575,000 constituent households out of the program.

Average household count


Interestingly, the 15 Republicans who voted against the measure (largely from the Northeast) represented fewer food stamp households on average than their colleagues that voted for it.

If the cuts pass the Senate and are signed into law, the government would save $39 billion over 10 years, or twice as much as the House Agriculture Committee recommended, and much more in cuts than the Senate has previously approved, Politico explains. The current bill is a result of an earlier decision to split off the food stamp discussion from the usually bipartisan farm bill, under which it’s traditionally been passed in tandem with farm subsidies, popular with Republicans. The food stamp-only current plan comes from the House Republican leadership, led by Majority Leader Eric Cantor. But not all Republicans were on board with the plan, in part because their districts would be adversely affected by the cuts. The Atlantic Wire has a detailed breakdown of how the cuts would affect each representative’s district. 

The White House has already vowed to veto the bill, saying in a statement that “these cuts would affect a broad array of Americans who are struggling to make ends meet, including working families with children, senior citizens, veterans, and adults who are still looking for work.” But it’s doubtful that the bill will make it as-is through the Democrat-controlled Senate, where it’s expected to be rejoined with the farm subsidy portion of the measure into some sort of compromise plan. The current farm bill expires on September 30.A final bill has to make it through Congress by then

Sure… The economy is bad, unemployment is still an issue, thousands of families have lost their homes to natural disaster. Yeah, NOW would be a GREAT Time TO CUT food stamps!!!

(Source: thepoliticalfreakshow)

McDonald’s tried to show employees how to make a budget - but it showed that living on min. wage is nearly impossible

via: Forbes  — Personal Finance 7/18/2013

As the saying goes, everyone should have a budget.

No matter how much or how little you make, a budget will help you reach your financial goals, right?

Possibly with that idea in mind, McDonald’s MCD +0.09% decided to teach its employees how to create one. But in doing so, the company may have inadvertently done something else: Shown that it’s nearly impossible to make a living off the minimum wage.


Take a look at the sample budget, provided in a Web site that McDonald’s created in conjunction with Visa V -0.57%. Here are some of the main criticisms of it:

  • It assumes the worker is working two jobs.
  • It surmises that health insurance costs $20 a month.
  • It doesn’t include child care, groceries, clothing or gas for the worker’s car.
  • Also, another, possibly earlier, version of the budget (seen here) proposed that heating would cost $0 a month.

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10 Things Legalized Gay Marriage Could Pay For
Barring same-sex couples from marrying actually costs the government money — an estimated $10 billion over a 10-year period. 
Here are a few things that cash could buy. 
via Anna North of BuzzFeed.com

10 Things Legalized Gay Marriage Could Pay For

Barring same-sex couples from marrying actually costs the government money — an estimated $10 billion over a 10-year period.

Here are a few things that cash could buy.

via Anna North of BuzzFeed.com