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Javon Johnson - “cuz he’s black” (NPS 2013)

"It’s not about whether or not the shooter is racist. It’s about how poor black boys are treated as problems well before we are treated as people."

I’ve seen the GIF set of this video floating around and thought maybe folks should see the entire video.

  • As a side note, white privilege allows me to turn off my TV or log off of social media whenever this stuff gets too real for me to handle, but the people of Ferguson can’t change the channel. The people in North Philly can’t just turn it off. These are real people’s lives, people that matter. Remember that the next time you get the urge to log off Tumblr because the “unpleasantness” of the world is getting a little “too real”. - Frank D (aka adignorantium)

Special thanks to talldarklefty for the link to this video.

What’s Going On?

What’s Going On? Why is it so hard to treat others the way you wish to be treated?

Four decades and Marvin Gaye’s classic is as relevant today, if not more so, as it was on it’s release in 1971.

What happened to the Hippies, the “Peace and Love” generation that was supposed to save the world? Oh, right. Hippies became Yuppies.

I’ll never forget that night. The air was electric with excitement! We had done it. We had achieved something that I never, in my lifetime, thought was achievable. The one image that sticks in my mind is the close up of Jesse Jackson with tears in his eyes. It was what Oprah would have called my “Aha Moment”. It was an instant when suddenly everything clicked into place and I got it. I understood the idea of representation. Here were people who had worked all their lives just to have a seat at the table. Their moment had come. There was a feeling that things were about to change, that everything was possible. We were dancing in the streets!

How could I have been so naive?

If anything, things got worse. I might have…

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no: ethiopienne: to the black kids who are nerdyto the black kids who are...


  • to the black kids who are nerdy
  • to the black kids who are sensitive
  • to the black kids who are queer
  • to the black kids who are immigrants
  • to the black kids who are femmes
  • to the black kids who are closeted
  • to the black kids who are shy
  • to the black kids who are awkward
  • to the black kids who are non-binary
  • to the black kids who are poor
  • to the black kids who are in foster care
  • to the black kids who are undocumented
  • to the black kids who are raising families
  • to the black kids who are fat
  • to the black kids who are addicts
  • to the black kids who are struggling with disordered eating
  • to the black kids who are mentally ill
  • to the black kids who are mixed race
  • to the black kids who are survivors
  • to the black kids who are in any way unsure of themselves

you are transcendent

you are worthy of love and recognition

you are appreciated

you are whole

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Black Does Not Equal Fear - by Chris Beasley

Published on Jul 20, 2013

This video is about changing the mindset of America. Black does not equal fear. In this video I ask “I am black, do you fear me?” to inspire people to realize their own possible bias. I reference President Obama and many things from the Zimmerman trial. Videographer : Javier Ruiz Music: prod. D.O.P.E.


Its not my actions, education, or personality
Its my nose, my lips and my ancestry

Why does my skin speak louder than the words I say
We don’t assume all whites are Timothy McVeigh
If I plead the fifth and don’t ad to my case
I can’t escape your ideas of my race

Its ok to infer, conclude, perceive
As long as we know, what we deduct can deceive
Admit you could be wrong 
Cause you don’t know me
thats all that I ask, I’m begging you please

If I have a ball you  clap and cheer
But outside the game you quiver in fear
I see purses clutched closer, doors locked as i pass
Words laced with curses, no wonder we clash

Justice in court
Will always fall short 
If we don’t begin to take a fresh start
The judge tried to excluded race thats a fact
But the jury can’t forget that Trayvon was back
No need to see race and then pick us apart
Cause we all look the same when we stand in the dark
Now judge me simply by my diction
hear my emotion pain and conviction

I want to enlighten not divide
I want respect for your life and mine

If fear is the cause thats something we share
And fear is caused from not knowing whats there

So like President Obama let me be clear
Im a black man 
And I’m not going anywhere

Im part of some gangs you’ve heard all about
I’m an Aggie alum
And a proud Eagle Scout

Entrepreneur starting a career
I will identify my self so you’ll have nothing to fear

The idea of being black has been twisted so much
Were said to be savage , ratchet ghetto, 
Threatening, lazy, and sit on our butts
And those that know me still seem to judge
You call me white cause I’m non of the above
I’ve been called black, and I’ve been called white
Based on what you believe  neither is right
I am Chris one of a kind
So don’t judge me by your experiences but by mine
And I’m incline to tell you, I’m not alone
In moments like this we all can be strong
Let our voices be heard let them relish the sound
How can we move forward if we all stand our ground
And after that verdict, the value of my life seemed bleak
What are my chances if they demonize me
We fear for our lives, to a certain extent
But this video is our self defense.

This video was included in The Obama Diary Wordpress post entitled This And That.
Thank you to @TheObamaDiary for sharing Mr. Beasley’s incredibly powerful and beautiful words.