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What’s Going On?

What’s Going On? Why is it so hard to treat others the way you wish to be treated?

Four decades and Marvin Gaye’s classic is as relevant today, if not more so, as it was on it’s release in 1971.

What happened to the Hippies, the “Peace and Love” generation that was supposed to save the world? Oh, right. Hippies became Yuppies.

I’ll never forget that night. The air was electric with excitement! We had done it. We had achieved something that I never, in my lifetime, thought was achievable. The one image that sticks in my mind is the close up of Jesse Jackson with tears in his eyes. It was what Oprah would have called my “Aha Moment”. It was an instant when suddenly everything clicked into place and I got it. I understood the idea of representation. Here were people who had worked all their lives just to have a seat at the table. Their moment had come. There was a feeling that things were about to change, that everything was possible. We were dancing in the streets!

How could I have been so naive?

If anything, things got worse. I might have…

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President Obama came down hard on gun-control laws during today’s Tumblr Q&A. 

I’ll say it every time… if you’re non-conservative and dislike Obama it’s only because you don’t understand how much his hands are actually tied. He’s trying. He really is.

Flat out, the problem is that there are white people who resent having a black leader. No president in the history of these United States has had so much stacked against him. I’ve never seen this much disrespect towards a U.S. president in my lifetime. We didn’t even give G.W. Bush this much grief, and he was an idiot! Even when we protested Reagan and G.H.W. Bush because of their apparent disregard for AIDS, we still respected the Presidency.

Listen up! The president is NOT coming for your guns! There is no need, on God’s green Earth, to parade around a home improvement store or fast food restaurant swinging a friggin assault rifle!

Grow the hell up, America! Against all odds, this president is doing a damn fine job.

Pay Attention To The Men Behind The Curtain… #VOTE!

The mid-term elections are underway. In Philadelphia, it’s Tuesday the 20th of May. Contrary to what some may have you believe, mid-term elections are just as important as, if not more than, the presidential elections.

In September of 2012 I asked if it was possible that the GOP threw the Presidential race to focus on local races instead. Why else would they give us Sarah Palin and Mitt Romney? Are they that out of touch?

Most of the damage is done during the midterm elections. I believe wholeheartedly that it’s because people think the President has sweeping power to do as he wishes. I don’t think people get how important these midterms are.

Take a look at what’s going on around the States and tell me if you feel the same.

So, to make it easier, here are two valuable resources that I always turn to in any political cycle,

The National Conference of State Legislators (NCSL)

The League of Women Voters

and here in Pennsylvania…

The Committee of Seventy
Pay attention folks. There’s a lot to lose in local elections.

Now go out and VOTE!

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Joel McHale nails Obama


but why is this a joke? how are ppl all smiles and shit like what they do in there aint inhumane?

That’s that awkward, uncomfortable laughing. When you know you’re wrong but all you can do is laugh or put on the salty face.

Actually, what wasn’t included in this GIF set, was President Obama’s response, “We’re working on it.”
Anyone who knows how our government works understands that Obama is ‘President’, not dictator. He can’t just magically make things happen. And unless you’ve been under a rock for the past six years, you know that congress has made even the simplest of decisions an uphill battle.

And isn’t it interesting how, by omitting the president’s response, we can make it look like Joel McHale was being all righteous instead of oversimplifying a very complex issue.

Yes, I want to see Gitmo closed too! But what do we do with the inmates? Do we set them free? What then? Do you not think they’ll return to their countries filled with resentment, justified or not, toward the US?

We Bush dug ourselves us a deep one. There’s a real risk of future terrorism.

Guantanamo is a complex problem than needs a complex solution. It is wrong to trivialize it. I wish I had the answer, but I’m not smart enough for such complexity. It’s a lose-lose situation.

Joel McHale was hysterical. But I think this joke was a little off.

End rant.





President Barack Obama at the White House Correpondents’ Dinner. 


this shit was brutal


I laughed so hard watching this the other night.

President Barack Obama has done more to advance LGBTQ rights and marriage equality than all previous U.S. presidents combined.






And yet so much could have been done.

You expect me to give him kudos for doing almost nothing for LGBTQ rights simply because everyone before him did actually nothing? Yeah, naw.

How. typical.

People just can’t seem to admit that PBO ended DADT, successfully fought against & ended DOMA during a hotly contested election, made assaults against LGBTQ people a federal hate crime, is fighting for ENDA, was and still is a vocal advocate for marriage equality, spoke out against the discrimination of the Boyscouts of America, has tried to put the most number of *openly* lgbtq people into positions of political power…but somehow none of that counts because…? Why exactly?

Hmpf. I wonder

And claiming that the presidents before PBO have “done nothing” is highly disingenuous…because many of them actively fought AGAINST marriage equality and other LGBTQ rights


FWIW, HERE’S what Obama doing “almost nothing” looks like


(enlarge above image)

Here’s the deal: PBO is not a king. There is a House of Representatives, a U.S. Senate and a Supreme Court of the United States who also get some say in the matter —unfortunately even when that means unprecedented obstruction

Just to recap: we now have one of the most partisan Republican congresses in recent American history, and the previous 43 presidents have either dragged their feet or outright fought against lgbtq rights…so no, I do not even remotely agree that we should somehow just go on about how it’s Barack Obama, and Obama alone, who “hasn’t done anything” or it’s only he who could have “done so much more”

"Here’s the deal: PBO is not a king.”




First Lady Michelle Obama in Marchesa! 

Shes so beautiful.


…and look at the President’s smile in the bottom pic. :D

I swear they are the best looking first couple.

The GOP’s little rule change they hoped you wouldn’t notice

via BuzzFeed

Republican leaders were nervous about the possibility that the Senate’s clean spending extension bill would pass the chamber on the strength of Democratic votes — or worse, that it would fail, taking it off the table permanently as a solution.

That concern appears to have driven the decision to change the rules to allow only Majority Leader Eric Cantor to force a vote on the Senate plan.”

The house GOP changed the parliamentary rules to prevent anyone but the majority to make a motion to call for a vote.

In other words, this government shutdown was caused by the house majority. The GOP.