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Heartbleed Highlights a Contradiction in the Web

Happy Good Friday?

Apparently, people are wishing each other a “Happy Good Friday”

There’s nothing “happy” about Good Friday.

I’m sure Jesus wasn’t “happy” about being nailed to a cross.

But what do I know? I’m just a heathen.

One Monkey Don’t Stop No Show

One Monkey Don’t Stop No Show …or, How a 2:AM distraction became an obsession.

…or, How a 2:AM distraction became an obsession.

I have been in a foul mood all winter. It hasn’t helped that Mother Nature also seems to have been in a pissed off mood. Seriously. It’s almost May and were still dealing with temperatures as low as 30°F a few nights this week. Will someone please make Ma Nature a cup of espresso or something?

When I’m in a foul mood, I tend to stay away from…

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Bill O’Reilly ‘disses the sistas’ on The View

Bill O’Reilly kisses all the white women of The View on Wednesday (April 16) but only shakes the hands of the black women.

Was this an intentional slight?

…who the hell wants to kiss Bill O’Reilly anyway? :\